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    EDM wire-cut machines ARTA development and production of Scientific-Industrial Corporation "Delta-Test" are now used in practically all industries: aerospace, military, engineering, shipbuilding, automotive, electronics, jewelry and many others. The ARTA machines have high accuracy and performance of the processing performed on the basis of advanced technical solutions using equipment from the world leaders.
The following is a description of the key devices and components used in the ARTA machines. To determine the configuration of the particular machine - see the characteristics of the model.

  • High reliability of the ARTA equipment, ensuring long life even in continuous (multi-shift) operation. Provided by: the use of electronic and mechanical components in industrial design, absolute immunity CNC system and microprocessor control units, quality control and a complete test of each piece of equipment.

  • Digital microprocessor control of all subsystems of the machine (generator technology current, forward/tension wire, hydraulic unit, water tank up/ down). The operator can set each option as manual controls CNC system, and through technological commands of the control program; this ensures the accuracy of displayed values and wide range of adjustment of each characteristic.

  • By interpolation working coordinate movements of the machine axes with a resolution of 0.01-0.1 µm to achieve high uniformity of the process, improved the accuracy and surface roughness of the machined workpiece.

  • New generator technology current ART-5M (see specification of a particular model of machine) with architecture, providing direct switching power supply with spark gap (without LC-chains). Due to the implementation of maximum short pulses of high amplitude is increased productivity and surface quality of machined workpiece.

  • Rigid frame (bed) and the main elements of the mechanical module of the machine. Finishing the base surfaces of castings of high quality cast iron (previously subjected to artificial aging) occurs on high-precision machining centers (DECKEL-MAHO) and surface grinding equipment.

At the stage of assembling and configuring a number of datum planes subjected to additional manual revision - scraping. All this provides excellent performance in terms of straightness of movement, accuracy and repeatability of results. At the stage of design and development of the machine and its elements are analyzed by finite element method (Finite Elements Analysis) to identify problem areas (subject to high stresses and deformations) to ensure reliable rigidity of the machining module.

  • Coordinate axes on the basis of precision class ballscrew and linear motion guides from the world's leading manufacturers (THK) guarantee high accuracy, reliability and durability.

  • All of the ARTA machines are submerged type that ensures maximal technological opportunities (including processing pipes, hollow parts and batch cutting).

  • Worktank with Lifting Mechanism on the basis of the modern silent actuator and the rigid guide (CAMOZZI). Solution that provides the convenience of the operator work, minimizing time spent on preparatory and intermediate operations.

  • New rotary table controlled by CNC system (6th axis) of our own design and production. Waterproof mechanism precision accuracy class, providing the possibility of obtaining contours of complex geometry, processing elements without manual reversal of workpieces.

  • Wire guides made of natural diamond can confidently forming inclined up to 30 degree or more; in addition, maximum durability, accuracy and repeatability of results over many years of operation of the machine.

  • Several models ARTA machines can be equipped with additional elements for machining special thin wire (diameter of from 0.01 mm=10 µm), allowing for the production of micro-parts withslot width less industry is 20 µm.

For more information, refer to the specifications (in the relevant sections of this website) or check directly with us by contacting any way convenient for you).

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