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Optional equipment for Wire EDM Machines ARTA 123 (PRO)/ 153 (PRO), ARTA 420 (PRO)/ 453 (PRO)

Hydraulic (Dielectric) Unit (models ARTA-SV31 320 l, ARTA-SV32 500 l)

The Use with the EDM Machine Provides:

  • Improved Performance

  • Higher Stability (Repeatability) of the Processing Results

  • Improved Surface Quality (Roughness Ra)

  • Environmental Compliance Equipment Operation



(working volume 320 l)
for EDM Machines АРТА 1ХХ

(working volume 500 l)
for EDM Machines АРТА 420

(working volume 430 l)
for EDM Machines АРТА 453

Basic Features

- on the basis of reliable noiseless circulation pumps and pumping (GRUNDFOS)
-3 outline: cleaned through the filter cartridge, water supply high pressure in the treatment zone, the deionization circuit
- automatic control by CNC system

Type of Filters

Paper (ETF-4)

Dimensions (W x D x H)

1050 x 950 x 1270 mm

1250 x 1100 x 1270 mm

1000 x 1100 x 1300 mm

Weight (without water)

140 kg

170 kg

180 kg

Input Voltage
Maximum Energy Consumption

220 V
1,0 kVA



The performance of the machine on the basis of the universal Winding / Tension Wire Mechanism with precision marker receiver waste wire and an additional set of special brackets with V-shaped type Guides (provides additional technological possibility of using wire electrodes with small diameters from d = 0.02 mm);
option available for all models except series ARTA


Additional rotary table controlled by CNC system (3rd/ 6-th axes of the machine)


Optical Linear Encoders X, Y axes


Refrigerator thermostat (Cooler) to automatically maintain the desired temperature of the working fluid


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