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    Scientific Industrial Corporation "Delta-Test" is the Russian leader in the development and production of equipment for electrical discharge machining (registered trademark of manufactured equipment ARTA). We currently offer a wide range of products and services in EDM area, including:

  • Wire EDM ARTA;

  • Special equipment for high-precision micro-machining;

  • Services: starting-up and adjustment works, training, technical support, development of special technologies;

  • Supply of consumables and spare parts, accessories for EDM machines;

  • Software development (CAD/CAM/CAE);

  • Retrofit of EDM machines;

  • EDM machining.

    Due to the accumulated experience of our specialists in solving different tasks in the field of precision engineering, sustainable use of its own original designs and configurations from leaders in various industries today we offer modern equipment with world-class quality and reliability. It is proved by the positive feedback of many Customers SIC Delta-Test, many of whom we have established long-term partnership. The main principle of our work is the constant forward motion, careful analysis and solution of problems and needs of the Customer, the perfection of every detail in the manufactured equipment, innovative approach in the development of new products.

The history of formation and development of the company goes in hard for the Russian science and industry period - the beginning of 90-ies. At this time a group of like-minded professionals participated in the program of creation of new generation TVs. We developed a special technology, equipment and software for production of micro-parts (cathodes) method four coordinate electrical discharge machining special wire-electrodes with a diameter of 20 microns. However, due to the difficult economic situation in 1993, the program was closed. To keep the team and its technical capabilities managed through entry into the Chinese market. Were imprisoned and executed dozens of contracts with major Chinese research Institute for supply of EDM systems. The company is well-established, and was included Chinese National Corporation for export and import in the list of trusted partners.

Further development was the gradual recovery of demand of the domestic military-industrial complex in high-tech engineering products. In 1998-1999 at the request of the Institute ENIMS (Moscow) the specialists of the enterprise have been developed and put into production system numerical control (CNC) with integrated transient generators technological power specifically for use in the composition of EDM equipment. Systems were made on the basis of industrial computers and controllers, modern electronic element base, the construction of housing to meet the high requirements of industrial protection. The hardware and software provided trouble-free operation and complete protection from electromagnetic interference, which was a "headache" for previous generations of CNC systems manufacturers of the former USSR. The basic requirement, which we were guided in the development of our devices was to ensure maximum reliability, the possibilities uninterrupted 24 hour operation in harsh industrial environments. Many produced during the period of the systems still successfully operate in the machines of various manufacturers. Just been delivered a few hundred sets of various modifications on the whole territory of Russia and CIS countries, made a large number of orders for capital repair/ "deep" modernization of mechanical modules EDM machines.

Since 2003, a gradual increase in production capacity. Opened own playground machining, expanded assembly site. In 2005 we introduced EDM wire-cut machines under its own brand ARTA (series ARTA 220/ARTA 250). It was Russia's first commercially-produced by spark erosion machines, made on the modern technical level.

We did it all against the background of a considerable number of "producers" EDM machines, which under the guise of "new" products supplied recolored old Soviet modules. Most of such equipment were equipped with different control systems are often unsuitable for use in the electrical discharge machines (with some special features compared with other types of metal working equipment). Used outdated, unreliable generators technological power (including on the basis of tietronix lamps). Many of these "producers" are deliberately using "historical" brands (known to experts in the field of engineering since Soviet times - "Fryazino machines", A207 and so on), and caused considerable damage to the image of the modern Russian machine-tool industry.

Despite all these difficulties, limited financial resources, in 2007 we added model produced a number of new machines using the most advanced solutions with world-class quality and reliability:

  • new generation of CNC systems/generators with fully digital microprocessor control of all subsystems of the machine;

  • modern ballscrew, linear guides precision class from leading manufacturers;

  • rigid frame and the main elements of the mechanical module, ultra-precision machining reference (base) surfaces;

  • new design of basic mechanical components (block of rewinding/tension wire, wire guides of natural diamond, silent mechanism for watertank lifting).

    Today ARTA machines are a world-class level of quality and reliability of Russian equipment for electro-erosion machining. This allowed SIC Delta-Test for the last 10 years to significantly increase the total volume of production, to occupy one of the leading positions on the domestic market.

    In addition to machines to solve standard tasks of electric discharge machining (manufacturing of dies, molds, tools) our company specializes in the development of special equipment. In recent times it has become very relevant technology ultra-precision micro-machining for the manufacture of miniature parts. In our model the number of machines, providing the work with a special thin wire electrode diameter of 10 µm, which provides accuracy of up to +/-1,5µm. Today this equipment has virtually no analogues.

Delta-Test Ltd. is a private company. The Foundation team is a team of professional managers, techies, many of whom were at the origins of the formation of the company. Due to this independent historically formed the structure of SIC Delta-Test could in a relatively short period of time to be confident to hold one of the leading positions on the market of precision machine tools. Not stopping there, we continue to improve the equipment we manufacture, develop new products, developing new directions of development of our company. All this allows us to look with confidence for tomorrow, to fulfill all our obligations to our Clients.

Ivan Kuznetsov

President Scientific Industrial Corporation "Delta-Test"

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