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Precision 5 Axis Wire EDM Machine ARTA 153/ ARTA 153 PRO (Small Size Class)

  • Submerge Type, Worktank with Lifting Mechanism

  • Axis Travel X x Y=125 x 200 mm

  • Axis Travel U x V=60 x 60 mm, Z = 80 mm

  • Maximum Workpiece Dimensions length x width x height = 250 x 160 x 80 mm

     General Technical Parameters:


ARTA 153


Type of machining

Submerged Type (Worktank with Lifting Mechanism) Wire cut machining

Number of Axis

(optionaly up to 6 - with additional rotatory W Axis)

Maximum Workpiece Dimensions (W x D x H)

250 x 160 x 80 mm

Axis Travel

X x Y

125 x 200 mm

U x V

60 x 60 mm

Z (height)

80 mm

The Maximum Angle of Wire Inclination (depending on the thickness of the workpiece)

21…30 degree

Wire Material

brass / copper / tungsten / molybdenum

Available Wire Diameters

0,10 - 0,30 mm (Standard)
(optional from 0,02 mm)

Spool Type (weight)

DIN125 (4 kg) / P5 (5 kg)

Wire Guides

Natural Diamond Guides

X, Y Axis Repeatable Positioning

+/- 1 µm

X, Y Axis Working Step

0,1 µm

Resolution of Positioning (in CNC program)

1 µm

Digital Numerical Control of All Machine Subsystems

- Wire Circuit;
- Pulse Generator;
- Filtration / Dielectric System;
- Worktank Lifting Mechanism


- Standart (Tap) Water
- Deionized water(for Better Cutting Results)

Dimensions of the Machine (W x D x H)
Total Weight of Equipment (without Filtration and Dielectric system)

1300 x 920 x 1600 mm
900 kg

Input Voltage

220 V

Maximum Energy Consumption (without  Filtration and Dielectric system)

3,0 kVA

5,0 kVA

     Specification (Standard):


ARTA 153


Numerical control System

model: ARTA-5.9

Standard Functions

- Complete Measuring Cycles for Workpiece and Wire-Electrode Setup
- Complete Information on Job in Progress including Graphics
- Programming during Machining Process
- Automatic Storing of All Settings in Case of Power Failure (including Emergency) with Automatic Recovery of Interrupted Tasks
- Built-in Help and Technology Library


19" TFT

NC Programming

- Built-in editor
- CAD-CAM System (including FriCAD / to be installed on a workplace programmer)

NC Program Input

- External USB Flash-Drive
- On-board USB Flash-Disk
- Ethernet

System Components

Industrial Computers and Controllers (Service Life Of Not Less Than 10 Years)

Smart Pulse Generator

model: ARTA-3M

model: ARTA-5M

Element Base, Architecture

Power Modules Based on the Powerful MOS Transistors with Microprocessor Control of All Parameters (32-bit microcontroller)

MOS Transistors Based Power Modules with Spark Gap Direct Switching System (Microprocessor Control of All Parameters with 32-bit Microcontroller)

Maximum Cutting Speed (Steel)

90 mm2/min

140 mm2/min

Roughness Ra:
- First Cut (no less)
- Maximum Achievable

2,5 µm
0,8 µm

1,5 µm
0,6 µm

Basic Features

- machining is possible in ordinary water (without deionization)
- wide range of adjustment of parameters of technological pulses (including provides machining of special materials (magnets, graphite, PCD and others) and applying of very thin wires diameter from 10 µm)
- fast adaptive protection system of wire breakages on the basis of microprocessor control
-digital setting pulses from functional keyboard CNC system and through technological control program commands


Mechanism of Movement (X, Y, U,V, Z axes)

Linear Guideways Precision Class, Precision Ballscrew (THK, Japan)

Winding / Tension Wire Mechanism

On the Basis of the Powder Brake Clutch, Gear Motor; Microprocessor Control of All Parameters by CNC System

Wire Guides

1 (one) Set of Diamond Guides (Wire Diameter Defined by the Customer);
Typical Diameters, mm: 0,10/ 0,15/ 0,20/ 0,25/ 0,30;
Set of Spare Parts Includes 1 (one) Spool Wire (4kg) under the Diameter of the Customer

Tank lifting mechanism

On the Basis of Actuator with low noise and Guides CAMOZZI

Spare parts, Documentation

Spare Parts Kit (Set of Consumables for an Initial Period, Spare Parts, Tools and Others), Documentation Kit; Quality Certificate

Additional Remote Control


CAM System FriCAD (for AutoCAD)


The Basic Cost of the Machine Includes

- Transport Packaging is Basic and Additional Sets
- Customer Training
- Warranty for 24 months

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